How to track the status of H4 EAD expedite request?

Hi Anil,

I raised an expedited request for H4 EAD and the hep center person gave me with a case number which starts with WKD*********NSC and ends with service center. Could you kindly let me know how to track the status of this expedite request if they have responded.

Thank you

You will get an email for next action on your EAD expedite request.

Hi Anil, Thank you for reply. I got an email and in that email they have mentioned they will process the case in the queue. They did not ask to submit any documents justifying expedite. They are asking to submit documents only for cases beyond 90 days ? My case has been 65 days now

What exactly has been mentioned in the email. If they approve your expedite request, they mention it clearly.

Hi Anil,

Below is the text content of email. They didn’t request any additional documents to prove if it is true emergency

Thank you for your inquiry. The Nebraska Service Center (NSC) is aware of the delay in processing of this type of application. At this time, files will only be expedited if a true emergency exists. The I-765 teams are diligently working to manage the backlog and process expedites, as well as tackling the normal first in/first out inventory. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing.

If your application is a renewal, please review the website at Automatic Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Extension | USCIS to see if you are eligible for the 180-day Automatic Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Extension.

We hope this information is helpful to you.

This does not mean that your EAD expedite request has been approved. This is a generic message. You will get a request from USCIS officer if they need anything from you.

Till then, your EAD expedite is considered pending.

Hi Anil, Thank you for clarification. I initially thought the officer closed the expedite request with this message. Let me wait for few more days to see if i am getting another email regarding this.