How to update DS-160 information with CGI federal site after submitting payment and receipt number generated

Recently I submitted my dependent DS-160 with incorrect passport number , and unfortunately I din’t notice the same before making appointment payment at CGI federal site. It’s been around a month and now I realize that for my kid wrong passport number is there with DS-160.
Can you please advise how can I get it updated. Due to long waiting time with Drop box appointment , I couldn’t able to take appointment yet.

Create new DS-160 with correct info. Add that number on CGI site profile page.

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Thanks @Diwedy for the revert, I created new DS-160 for my dependent, and under my profile in cgi federal site I am getting update option for myself only.
Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 1.59.09 PM

Attached is the screen shot for reference purpose. It’s left Panel for CGI Federal site. Update Profile route me to update my profile only.

I thought you had separate profile for dependent(s). In that case you can write to They should be able to help and guide you what needs to be done. Do not worry, DS-160 can be updated by VFS even at the time of appointment.

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Thanks for providing an insight, I called US travel docs support team and got this updated for my dependent.