How you are determining the perm approval dates in your perm status website?

Dear Team,

For my PERM Case number, its showing my perm will get certified on or before Sep 5th 2019.
May i know how you are determining that my case will get approved for sure on Sep 5th? Can you please explain.

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Hi @Kikaseka

Its an estimate created by checking the past approval data with cases that have been approved around your case number.

The service is still in beta version.

Hi Anil,

I See latest PERM Audit approval case PD: March 15. May I know on which date this case was approved. I don’t see in any forum where March Audit approval cases except in AM22TECH.
I this case based on your analysis or this is real case.

My Perm Filed on : 04/18/19.
Audit Received : 08/02/19.
Audit Replied : 08/28/19.

Can you help with the approx decision date for my Case? Do you think that I will get decision by Mid of Nov.

My attorney mentioned that the current recruitment documents are good through the middle of December. And requesting me to take decision by end of Nov to withdraw case and file new case. As they can’t file new case with out withdrawing the case which is already filed.

Appreciate your quick response.

Hi @Surendra7

You should be able to get your PERM approval by Nov 2019 end.

Hi Anil

It seems that there is no update post Sep23. Could you please suggest if you are pulling data post Sep 23. Mine was filed in Aug end and was hoping to get approval by now but I could not get latest status or any status of cases post Sep 23. Please suggest.

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Hi @parulsharma292929

DOL has not shared the PERM approval data after Sep 23 yet. The page will be updated as soon as the DOL shares data.

Thanks Sir, any idea how long they will take to share data ? Does this usually happens that data is not released for a month or so ?

We are seeing the delay for past 2 months. Earlier, DOL used to share data everyday.

Not sure when is it going to be back up again.


Any Idea if they are communicating directly to employer on the PERM status update? I have a audit case with priority date of March 2019, yet to hear back on my case.

Hi @skini

Employer has their own access to DOL platform and they can check your case status without any issue.

Hi Anil,
Somehow my employer told me that they don’t have access to check. Any idea how much time it’s taking these days for approval. Mine was filed almost 3 months back but still waiting. And can we check anything on new portal Flag as mentioned by you in another post ?

Hi @parulsharma292929

You cannot check status on FLAG system. Only your employer or attorney has access to it.

It is taking about 4-5 months for PERM approval at this time.

Thanks anil.
Seems they increased processing time from 2-3 months to 4-5 now. My friends had approval in 40 days as well. Any idea what date they are processing these days ? Last we saw was 23rd July (19-204)

My perm got approved in 77 days. filed on August 30 and got approved on 15 november. Hard copy received in 3 days by attorney.

Time varies case by case. Average is 70 days without Audit as per processing time

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Thanks a lot for your response. Let me wait for mine. It’s around 73 days for me

Hi @Kikaseka

Did your case got approved on the same date that was determined on AM22?

Dear sir
Mine filed since July21 2019. I haven’t got approval. Still indicates pending. How long I can get approval for LC?