I-130 approved but still not get visa call

Hi Anil

My husband is live in Usa(green card holder).
i got a mail from nvc on Feb 5,2019 about nvc working with Mumbai (ind) to schedule an interview date but I still didn’t get any mail including interview date . When do I expect this mail and how long should I wait for interview. my Priority date is 24 feb 2017

My PD is now current and here after 90 days i don’t get visa call. Can you please tell me that how much it will take to schedule my interview because it was take 4 months already so now how much time it will take …?

My service center is California .

Thank you in advance

I do not have any information at this time about the time it takes to get an interview call from Mumbai consulate for visa interview.

Will share more information when i have it.

Hi @smpatel,

My PD was 13 Jul 2017 for F2A (Spouse) category California center. It got approved on 23 Apr 2019 but after that I haven’t received any mail or email from NVC about further process.

How long did it take for you to get NVC letter after i130 approval?