I-130 at Nebraska service center

Hi ,i filled for my parents on april 2018 and to this day ,nothing has been received only the receipt ,is it normal that take so long?what can i do ,other than call ,i already did and they just ask me to wait but they dont know anything .

Hi good afternoon Anil
My husband submit case at nebrasaka service center 1-130 by December 12/18 he is a US citizenship how long to process ?

Please check current I130 processing time here.

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i can ask you whats the difrence between Raise USCIS SR date? and Fastest approved case?

You are create a status update on USCIS website if your case’s receipt date has passed the ‘raise USCIS SR date’.

Fastest approved case is what am32tech’s service has found from various forums and online reports.

hello Anil,

What does this Trump’s executive order in stop immigration mean for the cases being worked on?


My case was assigned to Nebraska Svc Center and my receipt date is October 1, 2019. I wanted to share with you that on May 18th, I got the pleasant surprise that my wife was approved. That same night I got the email from the NVC to pay the fees, it has been rather quickly.
This will give hope to some people here, I know how hard it is when we wait for these things to complete, so hang in there :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jorge_Zambrano best wishes for you…
My priority date is oct 02 2019 waiting for approval …