I 130 RFE response time

hello anil, through the congresswoman I consulted my case with CSC and they sent me the following answer Could you explain what they mean in a local councel ?

Thank you for your inquiry regarding I-130 petition, According to USCIS records the case is currently pending review by local counsel to ensure proper vetting of the case.

While we are unable to provide a specific timeframe when a notice of action* will be issued, the California Service Center (CSC) is dedicated to adjudicating this workload.

We thank you for your patience with this process.

By the statement, it seems like they mean the case is pending with one of USCIS case officer who is working on your case.

Hi Anil,
I applied for my wife who is in Pakistan, my pd was march 18 and they moved our case from cali to vermont in july and in september they asked for more evidence which they recieved on 4th oct and in the letter they said we will responce you in 60 days and 60 days are completing on dec 2nd. Havent got approval yet. I applied as green card holder and i became citizen in september and didnt change case status yet.
My question is why they are taking so long in approving I130?

Hi @hussainzaidi

There is no specific reason as to “why” they are taking so much time. They do all background checks before they can approve your application.

Some of the checks are done by third party companies which may be doing checks in your own country. Now, these checks may take time and hence the delays.

Nobody knows what checks they do and how they do it though.

hello anil, my i130 was denied due to lack of a legal document, USCIS gave me the option to appeal within 30 days, I can provide you with the missing documentation, know some positive experiences or the time they process the appeals ? thank you

Hi @eduardo_arias

There is no fixed time for the appeal to complete. Generally, it takes anywhere between 1 to 8 months.

good morning sir Anil my question is i would like to know which service center is in charge of the i-130 when you did it online please ?

What is your receipt number?

I have a electronic receipt IOE

Hello, I filled out my I-130 case in January of this year and it is being processed in Potomac, I have been working with the congresswoman to expedite my case, days ago I received an email saying that my case is pending adjudication in CSC , i am american citizen , does california process cases gor us citizens?