I-130 Texas Processing Centre - Change in Receipt date for a case inquiry



Last week - U.S. citizen filing for a spouse - Receipt date for a case inquiry was 27th Nov 2019,
23rd June - Changed to 10th Nov 2019
25th June - Changed to 4th Nov 2019

Is this a system glitch? How does the date go back instead of moving forward?

Please share your thoughts how this may happen.

Many Thanks.



I hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you had a chance to look at my query.

Just trying to get your expert opinion on why the Receipt Date for a Case inquiry goes backward? Is this a technical glitch?

Thank you.

USCIS moves the dates back every month. Their systems are not good enough to share exact correct dates.

Hence, they move the dates back whenever they reconcile the monthly data.

They officially publish it and that’s what is shown on am22tech’s page.


I appreciate your response. Thank you very much.