I-130 variances in time

Hi @Anil.Gupta . When I first found your forum the timelines for Potomac (minimum) were about 6 months and 26 days and now they show 9 months.

Is the variance applicable to new cases or on going cases. Also are those timelines referring to when you get approval for I-130 or timelines for the whole process (since you apply to the time parents can come in). I only ask because my case was submitted aug 22, 2019 and receipt is from aug 27th.

My parents live in Venezuela so you can imagine how terrified I am as time goes by and they cannot get out. Thanks in advance for helping me understand. Sorry if it’s obvious it’s just I am not familiar with these processes.

The date variances happen due to the cases reported by users.

Sometimes when people report, they share wrong receipt date and hence the differences show up.

Thank @Anil.Gupta. So To my second question is the time the total time between submitting papers and actually coming to the US or just getting I-130 approval time?

I130 processing time page only shows the application approval time.

The next steps follow and take their own time once I130 is approved.

@Anil.Gupta thanks again. I checked both my parents online accounts and they have I-130 approvals. I submitted their cases together but only my mom got the NVC email referring to her only but it had my dad’s and her email in copy. I can see my dad’s notice receipt approved on the portal but no email from NVC to follow his next steps. I thought married cases were reviewed together?
Thank you!

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘dad’s and her email in copy’.

The email with my mom’s approval came to me (mi email), to my mom (her email in the application), but it also went to my dad’s email ( his was no on my mom’s app) . Meaning they copied the three of us. My dad’s email did finally come the next day. That one only came to me and him.
I am just not sure if they will process their cases together?