I-130 Why service centers have different processing times for same category?

Hey Anil,

How are some service center processing much faster? I thought I-130 was supposed to be first come, first process…

For example say we have two different applicants in the same category (ex. US Citizen filing for a SPOUSE):
Applicant 1) Receipt Date in March 2019, File sent to Nebraska Service
Applicant 2) Receipt Date in June 2019, File sent to Vermont Service Center

Considering current processing time being faster in Vermont, even though Applicant 2 applied 3 months later, he/she could get processed before Applicant 1.

Am I correct?

Does the country of birth of spouse matter?


Each service center works on their own speed. USCIS does not share as to why some of them process faster than others.

The only reason we know is that a specific Center gets more applications than others and hands is backlogged.

Also Why Permanent resident dates is going faster than U.S. citizen filing for a spouse at Nebraska office?

Permanent resident Now in Receipt date for a case inquiry September 04, 2018
U.S. citizen Now in Receipt date for a case inquiry May 23, 2018

Hi @basem

I cannot explain as to why USCIS is processing Green card holder’s applications faster than US citizens.

They don’t share any details.