I 140 Amendment company name change previous employer

My PD is Nov 2013 with previous employer in EB2 category and I-140 was approved. I am joining back to previous employer now. But the company name changed in 2020.

My previous employer ready to file amendment process for company change.

Can I also request downgrade from EB2 to EB3 category while filing I-140 amendment for company name change? insted of First Amendment for compnay change and second Amendment for Donwgrade Eb2 to Eb3

OR should I request my previous employer to file New EB3 category?

Please suggest

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Yes, when your attorney prepares to file your EB3 downgrade using your EB2 PERM (and EB2 I-140 copy to port priority date), they will add supporting documents for the company name change so your new EB3 I-140 will reflect the new name for your employer.

Some useful information can be found at below link, answers by @anil_am22

Thank you very much for your information. Do you recommend?
1.) File amendment for Company name change and file a new I 140 in EB3 category?
making sure if it is possible?
2.) File amendment for company name change along with downgrade EB2 to EB3.

Filing new EB3 using EB2 PERM is nothing but downgrading from EB2 to EB3 which preserves the EB2 so you ride two boats. You jump on the one that is faster to file AOS.