I-140 and H1-extension together after PERM certified

Hi Anil,
My PERM is filed on Dec 13th, 2021(Priority date). Still waiting for the approval, almost 192 days since it is filed. My H1 6 year max out will be Jul 29th, 2022.
We are hoping PERM approval can be happen in coming two weeks.

I have a question. Once PERM is certified, came to know from my friend that we can file both I-140 in premium and H1 extension together ?

Can you please help me to understand that this parallel processing both I-140 in premium and H1 extension is possible ?

You can file both together but it depends on your Attorney’s comfort level.

Most attorneys would first get i140 approval and then file H1B extension.

Talk to the attorney and see if they are okay with filing both at same time.

Thanks Anil for the confirmation. Yeah will check with attorney. Probably when we dont have any time for I-140 approval and then H1 extension filing, not sure may be during that time they will consider

Hi Anil. I have another question based on my PERM situation. Since my 6 year max out is on Jul 29,2021. If I leave the country before few days my H1b max out and PERM or I-140 is pending, Can we work from India under US Payroll in this situation temporarily for some time? Please give your inputs.