I 140 aprovabal

hola. alguien me podria indicar si es problema que mi nombre este mal en la aprobación de mi i140? mi nombre es laura jimena y en la aprobacion quedo jimena L. gracias

Did you contact your lawyer to confirm if the document was sent by them? Did you check the email domain before opening the attachment if it was in fact sent by your lawyer?

lo envio el abogado a mi correo como archivo PDF :frowning:

Ok so if the PDF came from your lawyer’s email id, did you email/call them to check if it was really them who send you the PDF. You will need to talk to your lawyer to figure out if it was a legit PDF and if yes, why was the ETA notice number not 11 digits.
I don’t think anyone on this forum can tell you if you were really a victim of phishing/fraud.