I-140 Processing from India (outside usa)

I am an IT consultant working for a indian consulting company. They applied for perm processing, i have not received any status on that . But i assume its approved. Now my current project may end abruptly.

Is it possible to apply for the next step of i-140 processing from India ? (Incase if i return back to India due to non availability of projects here in USA) . Is physical presence in USA not needed ?

I 140 can be filed from India. Physical presence in USA is not mandatory.

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Hi can I know if you don’t have a job after 140. Is your employer market you to get a job from outside INDIA ?

I am also in same situation my job got ended and 140 is about to file. not sure what path we will have to get back to USA.

Read this:

My H1B is getting maxed out on 18-October and currently PERM is in progress.

If i have to travel back to india because of H1B is maxed out. Can i apply i140 once the PERM is approved from India?


Could you please share your responses to aabove Query. Thanks Dinesh

Did you try and read the linked article? It already has the answer to your question.

Please help yourself.

Thanks for your reply. It was helpful. unfortunately my perm got rejected. I had to travel back to india due to emergency reasons with my family during august 2020. My perm received audit notice in july 2020 and in december 2020 it was rejected .

Right now i am in india with h1b in hand but unable to travel as my client project got ended - but luckily got another client work to work from india location.

Can i travel now with old visa which is still valid till july 2021 for this new client work ? i am still with same company for whom the visa is issued , only difference is client and client location got changed. what do you think about this scenario ? do i need to apply for amendment petition for new client location.

Also can my company again create a new PERM for me ?