I-140 reinstate after withdrawal


My employer had withdraw I-140 after I moved out of US for 2 years . ( I-140 had been approved for more than 5 years before withdrawal). My PD became current so the same employer has offered me job and I moved to US. I came to know that they had withdraw I-140 (which was approved for more than 6 yrs) when I have re-hired by them. They said They need to reinstate previous I-140. They had filed 485 along with 140 (in-regular).

What is this term called "I-140 reinstatement " ? Is it completely new I-140 or some rules/laws allows to reactivate old revoked I-140 ?

Thank you.

It is nothing but filing a new I-140 using the old PERM and requesting to port the PD to new I-140.

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Thanks for quick reply . So filling concurrent 140/485 takes longer time ?

My employer is not doing 140 in premium . He has sent in regular process concurrent 140/485.

Am I also not eligible to apply H4 EAD ?