I-485 Green Card Processing Time Questions & Answers

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Me and my wife have filed for I 485 in 6th December, 2019 and our finger printing completed in January 29th, 2020. Since due the outbreak corona virus, when can we expect to get the the combo card and also My H1B is valid till september 17, 2020…

I am planning to work with same company, do i have to file my h1b extension, before i get my combo card in next 2 or 3 months

Hi Anil, do you know what the processing time is for the I-485 at Lee’s Summit, MO office? I can’t tell from the USCIS website.

Hi @Canadiangal

Check this page for Summit, MO i485 processing time.

Hi Anil,
Could you please share information regarding forum where you got vermont service centers fastest approval Dates?Thanks

is there any other app or software to estimate i765/i485 approval. The one estimator on this app kept saying we don’t have enough data to anticipate your case for the last 4 months

Hi Anil, this app prediction is very close to the approval dates whereas other apps gives a different dates, can you tell me how reliable is this app prediction. I need my EAD depearately

Which ‘other app’ you are talking about?

I’m talking about Lawfully app.

Thanks for responding

Assuming you mean ‘am22tech’ app by ‘this app’, i have seen good estimates.

But, estimates are estimates and cannot be real as USCIS cannot be predicted.

They do what they want to do based on political inclination and orders.

*I have not used any other app, so can’t say about their estimates.

Anil, Thank you for your reply.

I agree with what you say, I want to see am22tech app prediction comes out positive at least in my case.


Filled everything out but got no results for the estimate

Hi @Jnb

Can you please share the screen shot and we can send it out dev team for taking a look at the issue.

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same happens to me intermitently

just worked once. rest is showing only the Priority date and nothing more. No estimate.

Thanks for your feedback.

We have sent it to our dev team to look into the issue.

Same happened to me, just showing prio date

Hi Anil,
Can you please answer my question?

My priority date is Feb 2011 and my perm approved last week, planning to apply for I-140 and I-485 together in premium processing then it will go Nebraska center if they submit I-485 alone after I-140 approval then it will go to Phenix lockbox, Phenix lockbox means which service center it belongs to?


I am also getting this issue.