I-539 Extension of B2 visa

Hi Anil,

I am from India and currently my parents are in US on B2 visa. I am applying for their extension of stay using form I-539. I have a question regarding application process.

USCIS sites & I-539 document say, family members (my parents) can apply together using one application form (I-539). Main applicant (let say father) have to fill I-539 and other family member (mother) need to file I-539A form. And send all document together.

My problem is, i am not able to find I-539A form online. Do i need to fill two I-539 form and send it together. My understanding is, USCIS abandon form I-539A form, all (family members) applicant need to fill form I-539 and send as one application.

Is my understanding is correct.
Thanks for help.

As per my information, form i539a is required as a supporting form for all dependent applicants.

It is available on USCIS site here:

You won’t be able to file it online if you are filing form i539a at this time.

Biometric fees if you are filing for 2 parents together:

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Thanks Anil for the information.

Hi There!

I am trying to extend my parents B2 visa for 3 months. As I have to file for both my Mom and Dad, I cant take the online option (it does not allow co-applicants).
In this case, in which address does the I-539/539A along with other proof documents be sent to?
Thanks in advance for your help

Read the instructions on form i539 to find the address.

Hello Abhi,

I am trying to extend my parents B2 visa and was having difficulty finding the physical address that we send the application forms to. Did you find out where to send the I-539/539A along with the supporting documents

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Hi Sruthi - my apologies for replying back late. I ended ip searching in Google and sent it to the adresss in the below link: Application to Extend a USA Visitor Visa

Unfortunately the uscis I-539 page doesn’t include the address for B2 visa. They have a table that adresses all other visa types but not B2.

Again, sorry for being late in responding! Hope this helps.


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Hello I am Applying for Stay extension of my parents.
Do I need to attach return Airline ticket for the requested date with the I-539 Application?
Do I need to attach Form I-134 for financial support?

Thank you.

There is no harm in attaching them.

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Hi Anil
I can see you are the most active member in this group. Have you know/heard of any second B2 extension approval past 1 year limit? I am planning to apply one for my parents. I do not want to hit that 180 days unlawful stay and 3 years ban in case it is rejected either. Please give me some insights. I-94 expired 08/15/2020 Extension applied 07/15/2020 still pending Requested date till 02/14/2020.


Did u extend your stay for the second time? I am in same boat as you are. Can you please help me with that?

Thank you.