I-539 (Extension of stay) RFE

I received an RFE for extension of stay (I-539) for my mom in the USA, I filed an extension of stay application in Feb 2023 and I94 is already expired on 5th of Apr for my mom, however as per law she can stay for 240 days while application is pending. Now, USCIS is asking for a Police Clearance Certificate and other documents, the last date for RFE response is 21st July, however my mom is already leaving on 18th of July. So, my question is: do we need to respond to RFE as she is leaving before the RFE response end date. I am thinking of responding to the RFE by saying that we can’t arrange these documents by the said date and have decided to leave the country by the 18th of July . Please let me know your inputs in our case?

Its always better to reply to the RFE with the requested documents as everything goes on record and might be seen in future.

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Thank you Anil for your response. Yes, I am planning to respond but do you think the response I mentioned in my message is appropriate?

Your response is negative which is not a good one.

I strongly suggest to send the documents requested. At least make an effort to gather the documents and send them.

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Ok, sounds good! Thank you, appreciate it.