I-539 extension request denied due to biometric issues

Hi Anil

My parents had their I-94 expiry set to April 2022 and we applied for their extension and they stayed till Oct 2022.

In this period, the biometrics were taken once for my mom and twice for my dad before they left in Oct 2022.

The final results came in early 2023 where they mentioned my mom was approved but my dad was denied due to insufficient fingerprints (the scanner could not capture the fingerprints clearly).

Come Oct 2023, they are eligible for B2 Visa extension and was wondering what is the best way to handle this, they have all the documents and proof for the biometrics appts and dates and stamps for departures on said dates.

Thanks for your help and advice,

Hello folks

Any known suggestions here?

Appreciate your help.

Just apply the extension normally. Embassy will request the documents if they want to see them.

In most cases similar to yours, they don’t ask for anything and visa gets extended without any issue.