I-539N Withdrawal unknown


My wife who is on H4 visa received a mail from USCIS today stating the following:

" On Feb 11, 2022, your I-539N, application for extend/change non immigrant status was approved. On March 08, 2022, US Citizenship and Immigration services received a letter from you requesting the withdrawal of your I-539N. The letter did not reach the record of proceeding before the I-539N was approved. For that reason, USCIS is reopening and reconsidering the approval of your I-539N.
USICS acknowledges your request to withdraw your I-539N. The withdrawal of this case is a final action for which there are no appeal or motion rights. This withdrawal does not preclude the filing of a new benefit request with fee per Title 8 code of federal Regulation, section 103.2(b)(15)"

We have not requested a withdrawal from our end to the best of my knowledge.
I was working for company A where my H1 and Spouse’s and Kid’s H4 visa extension was applied for. After getting H1 extension from company A, I moved to company B who applied for my H1 Visa transfer and H4 visa extension. My H1 transfer was approved for company B and wife and kids got their extension request as well approved by 04/22/2022.
From the receipt notice and receipt number of withdrawal it seems the receipt number is that of company A. If company A has filed this withdrawal notice, would my wife have any issue with her existing approval notice? Can she continue in US with company B’s H4 extension approval?

Can someone please suggest what should I do? Really tensed…

I dont see any issue as the H4 extension of status was approved along with your H1B change of employer aka transfer with company B. I am guessing the H1B transfer and H4 extension of status was applied before 8th March. You can ignore the notice.


Thanks a lot @Kalpesh_Dalwadi. Your response gives a lot of relief to us.
(yes, company B did apply for h1b transfer and h4 extension before 8th March)