I-765 receipt notice not received/check not cashed

Hi Anil,

I sent my I-765 application for H4 EAD renewal on July 2nd 2020 to LEWISVILLE and it got delivered on 7th July .I have not received any receipt notice yet. Since it’s been already a month, can I resend the application or wait for few more days?

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Did you send it to correct H4 EAD mailing address?

I suggest waiting for 6 weeks before sending a new application.

Thanks for the response Anil,

I will wait for 2 more weeks before re sending the documents.

Hi Anil,

My application got rejected mentioned and mentioned as"The payment amount is incorrect" I added a check of 410 , Is this not the correct amount for I-765(C26)?.
Please assist.

Thank you

Hi Sreedhar,

Can you update what happened in your case. It should be $410 for C (26). What went wrong?

Hi Krishna,

Sorry for the late response, We have re submitted with the same fee $410 and received the receipt.

Hi Sreedhar,

I am in same situation. It has been 3 weeks already. No receipt/ no cashed
How did you get rejection notice? How many days did it take?

Thank you

I am in same situation. we haven’t received any receipt nor our cheque was cashed. Initially I sent, $495 but then they rejected it and sent the application back. Then I sent $410 for H4EAD application in first week of October 2020 but still no response.

Hi Vijay,

It took 3 weeks for us to get the rejection notice.

Our application got approved now after resending the application with same amount($410)

Thank you Sreedhar. We received it po after 3 weeks.

Hi @sderangula ., Need some info on your resubmission Application.

Firstly - Your I-765 was rejected., What was the reason given?
Was it mentioned as Missing amount ? Wrong Cheque Amount ? Missing pages ?

Also, was this your first rejection., while resubmitting the I-765 application - Did you answer the 12th question in part 2 (Page 2) – for Already submitted I-765 application as - “YES” or “NO” ?

Did you include the Green Rejection notice letter along with the resubmission ?

Thanks in advance. !