I am a usa citizen, went to india got married to indian wife and adopted a indian child

Hello, i am a usa citizen who recently went to india and got married. My new indian wife and i adopted a child in india couple of days later after wedding. I want to bring both of them to usa, whats the process?

I would suggest hiring an immigration lawyer if you have no prior knowledge of immigration laws. That said below is the process at a high level.
The first step is to file I-130 form with all supporting documents and once that is approved NVC will send the beneficiary file to the US consulate in India ( assuming the beneficiary for immigrant visa are in India) for consular processing. Once the processing is done the beneficiary will be intimated to pay visa application fees and apply for visa by filling out and submitting DS-260 form with supporting documents and when called appear for visa interview.
The process is multi-stepped and involves filling out multiple forms at each stage with correct supporting documents, reason why you should hire a lawyer.


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should i file seperate i-130 for both my wife and adopted child?

Yes, you will use separate I-130 for each beneficiary. You can also file online instead of paper form.

don’t i need to have 2 years of physical custody prior to i-130 for adopted child? tho my wife is currently in india living with the child