I generated my Courier label after paying tatkal fees. By mistaken I given consular address in Customer address details

Hi All,

By mistake in creating labels from VFS global, I have given Passport office address instead of my mailing address. Now from and to address came as same. Is there any way we can fix this. or I have to pay all again. I have paid tatkal fees of total $283.

Should I take a risk and still send as To address is correct. What would happen when they generate the return label as it will again bring same there own office address. or Should I pay again $230 dollar and generate one new form.

Rohit Sharma

I suggest to reach out to VFS and see if they can make correction or provide you with right pointers. You can take risk and send it but then you are relying on someone else to send the renewed passport to correct address. Your application should not be impacted. You might have to do shipping again.

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