I have H1B transfer going on with uscis

What should I select for this type of case?
Do you have legal status in the USA?* Yes No Pending approval at USCIS
can anyone help

What are you trying to do?. Or what form are you filling?

Its not possible to answer without the context.

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I’m on currently H1B Visa and my H1B transfer in process. I have got receipt notice for h1b transfer. Now I wanted to apply for passport renewal. There is a question
Do you have legal status in the USA?* 1)Yes 2)No 3)Pending approval at USCIS

You can use “Yes” and provide one of the following documents - see screenshot below. I am assuming that you are still working for the current employer on valid I-797.

If you select #3 then you might have to reach out to consulate to get pre-approval.

You can reach out to VFS too, to get more information.


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