I took drop box appointment on Dec 15 2023 for Feb 2014 but new 48 months rule dis-qualify me


I am on H1B visa and my most recent H1B visa expired in 2016. On Dec 12 2023, I qualify for dropbox appointment so I got an appointment for Feb 2024. I have drop box confirmation letter. However, now new rule says that most recent visa should be valid or expired within last 48 months. But in my case it was expired in 2016.

Is my drop box appointment is valid after the new rule since I got this appointment in Dec 2023 ?

This applies for applications submitted starting 1st Jan 2024 so yours should be all good.




It says “Implementation of this authority begins January 1, 2024”. US travel docs customer care replied saying that I should cancel the existing drop box appointment and re-try with the new rule. If not then make the in-person interview appointment. What would you advise?

Hi @bsour

Check with Dropbox app once again. The new rules have been updated with new release.

@anil_am22 Can you pls also advise on this ?