I130 filed by US Citizen- Processing time?

A US Citizen has filed I130 for brother in Jan 2007 at California -WAC file number. When I Called the NVC they are saying the current status is the Feb 2005 cases are under process; while the chart above says the current status for best case is Sep 2011 and worst case is July 2009. I am puzzled, could you please help?

The data you are referring from am22tech is for I-130 application processing time. .

I-130 processing is the first step for sponsorship and has to be first approved.

The one that NVC (National Visa Center) told you is the visa bulletin final action date, which is second step after step 1 has been completed by USCIS.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the clarification, What is the expected final action date or likely date the visa will be issued.

It depends on your priority date.

Has your I130 been approved already?

Hi Anil,

The Priority date is January 2007 and I130 was approved and sent to NVC and this was communicated to me in year 2011 upon enquiry.

Your processing time for Green card will depend on which category (F4) you fall in and the current USCIS visa bulletin.

What is your country of birth?
What is your exact approved I-130 Priority date?

March 2019 visa bulletin has India (assuming you were born in India) F4 date as 8 July 2004 which means that if your priority date is Jan 2007, it will take another 3-4 years for your Green card call to come.

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Hello group, US citizens filling for spouse amd and child less than 21 year old ( year to be exact) when can I expect approval from USCIS? already 10 months and 2 Weeks. Nebraska Center

Hi. I became a US citizen August 22 2019 and filed for my parents. My receipt date for my parents is August 27th 2019. I know for parents priority dates do not apply. The center on their IOE receipt is Potomac, i just do not understand how to read when you can file an “outside of normal” processing times question.
For Potomac the date for Raise USCIS SR Date for parents is March 18, 2019 ,I guess I am not sure what that means. Does it mean that if my date is Aug 27th 2019 it is newer than Mar 18th 2019 hence still in normal times?
Thank you

Hi @Naty_Herrera

Your case receipt date should fall before the date mentioned on USCIS website.

In your case, you can raise the request if the case receipt date is before (sometime in Mar or feb or before) Mar 18, 2019 as per the example cited by you.

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hi sir, my priority date is 18th march 2019 at Nebraska service center.

My husband is US citizen but recently a month ago, i got email that my service Center is changed from Nebraska to Vermont.

I just want to ask does it affect speed of my processing time because Vermont is lowest and how much time more it will take. already 12 months.

Hi @sapna_jakhu

USCIS transfers cases to improve the processing speed. Your case should be approved based on the new center’s timeline.

Do not worry. The case transfer does not affect the total time. Your current waiting time is taken into account and your case should process faster than other at the new center.

thank you so much sir, i got approval mail on 5 th march 2020 of my I 130 petition . how much time more i have to wait for my visa and interview.

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@Anil.Gupta thank you for your answer. I have some follow up questions and thank you for your patience as I am still learning about all this.
Back on 02/05 i looked at the Potomac dates and the fastest approved date was 6 months 26 days, now the page i130 Processing Time for Spouse, Parents, Brother 2020 • USA says 9 months 5 days … I assume that changes month to month or the T12M, does that mean there are delays, just lookign to see how to interpret?
Also is the approved case timing publised only for i-130 notice or is it the approved case length (in this case 9 months) considered from moment of filing until the applicant is in the US or approved to come to the US?

Also based on when I filed shouldn’t I have gotten something by now given that its been 7 months?
Just wondering if my parents case may be particularly delayed.thanks in advance!

Hello my case petition of alien 130 on 4 march 2020 filled by my usa citizens spouse plzzz tell me when approval???

Hi @anil_am22 , I know this may be a long shot but I was wondering if there were any references on timelines after National Visa Center sends you the update that all your documents and forms have been accepted. On September 25th 2020 we git confirmation from National Visa Center that all documents uploaded in CEAC.state.gov have been accepted and to await interview. Its been months and we have not heard back and under the pandemic circumstances I wonder if there is any processing at all happening that could be referenced. Its been 8 months. I submitted my case August 23 2019 .
Any insight would be great.
Thanks in advance.

Which country are you in and is your priority date current?
Also, is the US embassy closed in your country or giving appointments?

@anil_am22 , Thank you for your response. I very much appreciate it
My country is Venezuela but my parents got a letter to be scheduled in Colombia from tge get go because the embassy in Venezuela has been closed for a long time, even prior to COVID.
The embassy in Colombia reopened in March 2021 and on their website they have teh below highlighted message.
Priority date on my initial i-130 notice is 08/23/2019, I thought parents priority date did not matter because they have no caps for immediate relatives? But maybe you can educate me on that. I might be missing something on my expectations.

Embassy message:
" Beginning March 1, 2021 we will increase the range of immigrant visa services available and resume limited, routine immigrant visa services. Among immigrant visa applications, we will prioritize Immediate Relative family members of U.S. citizens including intercountry adoptions, fiancé(e)s of U.S. citizens, and certain Special Immigrant Visa applications.

As we increase the range of our immigrant services available, we’ll be processing cases in the order that the National Visa Center determined the case to be “documentarily qualified.” When a case becomes documentarily qualified, the National Visa Center sends an email to notify you that it is complete and pending scheduling at the Embassy, so please review your past emails from the National Visa Center to determine what date your case became documentarily qualified. You may also check your CEAC account to find this date."

Mostly I am just looking to see if any stats similar to mine have some kind of update or expectation. I have checked my CEAC account and it only has a message saying to make sure to renew police records since they need to be valid by the interview. All documentation is qualified and accepted. and we received the email to wait for our interview back in September 25th 2020.

Natalia (thank you in advance)

Hi @anil_am22 , my parents got scheduled for their interview on August 23rd in Bogota, they live in Venezuela but the embassy there is closed. Does the medical exam have to be in Bogotá, or can they use approved doctors from Venezuela from the USCIS page?

You should contact the embassy and ask if they will accept the medicals. They may or may not accept based on local rules.