I140 Approval copy through FOIA - What should I mention in G639 form “Description of Records Sought”?

Hi Anil

I want to request for my I140 Approval copy through FOIA eMail. Please clarify the below

  1. What should I mention in G639 form “Description of Records Sought”.
    Can I say like. “Please provide the copy of I140 Approval Notice and please provide the I140 Receipt number”
  2. Should I notarized only form G-639 (or) G-639 + One Identity (DL/Passport etc)?
  3. Do I need to provide any other notarized or certification of identity forms other than above?
  4. Can I notarize the G639 and other docs in the Bank?

Thanks in advance

I have added a sample G-639 form in the above article for your reference.

It is always a good idea to notarize all documents that you are sending. You can notarize anywhere you like, including a bank.

Thanks Anil

Could you also pls provide your inputs for Point1

  1. Is only Passport Notary is sufficient or should I do notary for 2nd Identity also (Like DL copy). My current address is not matching with address on DL. So If only one Identity notary is fine, then I will skip DL notary

  2. Pls provide your inputs for Point3 also from above

Thanks again

You can write the i140 statement that you have mentioned.
As already answered, it would be better if you notarize all documents that you are submitting.

Sorry, if my question got confused and does not make sense. But I am trying to know if one Identity (Passport) notary is sufficient or should I do notary for at least two Identity documents

  1. Other than G639 Form and Identity, any other forms should I go for notary

One identity proof document is enough as per my opinion.
What other forms are you sending other than G639 and Identity?

I am sending the notarized G639 and Passport. Will this be enough or should I send any other notarized documents.?

Hi Kumar,
You are asking the same question multiple times.
My answer is same and it is available in my previous reply.

Yes Anil. You already provided the response that these two documents should be fine and both must be notarized.
Once again thanks for all your help and especially for quick responses.