I140 process after change of existing employer


I got my I140 from an existing employer with SOC Code - 151132. I have now joined a new employer.

My view

What I thought was that whenever I jump to a new company, they would start my GC process right from the beginning, meaning advertising, apply perm and then I140. This is what I have heard and seen happening to most of my friends. Please note that I don’t have I-485 applied or approved yet by my previous employer.

What does the HR at the new company say?

They hired me & applied the H1 transfer with the same SOC code as present in the I140 mentioned above. Since the SOC code is the same, there is no necessity of doing the whole process again like advertising, applying for perm and then I140. Just wait for the dates to be current and then, they will do the next steps like I-485 etc.

There are 2 queries here.

  1. Is this the right procedure?

  2. If this is the right procedure, then how would USCIS know who my employer is?

I read online that the above procedure is good only when I have both I-140 & I-485(applied or approved), that is I-485 Portability to a New Employer under AC21.

Can anyone please help me here so that I can guide the HR in the right direction? The new employer is a start up and the HR is still unaware of most of the immigration stuff except the H1 transfers.

Vishal S

New employer needs to do the perm and i140 process again for their own job position that they are offering you.

Your understanding is correct.

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Thanks for the confirmation Anil!!