I485 Approval green card

Hi, I found no EB3 GC (E31, E32, E34, E35) approvals were made in Aug 2019, as per Visa statistics provided in USCIS webpage. As well, Sep 2019 follows in same lane. Usually, 100+ cases were approved every month. As per Quota allocation system,it should be certain %. Anil, can you explain, why?

Hi @anand_win

I do not understand your question. I do not have data about green card approvals at this time.

Please find the USCIS weblink Monthly Immigrant Visa Issuance Statistics. This page provides data on Green Card approval on monthly basis.

You can also find the image about table of GC approval data. Surprisingly, No approvals made in Aug despite fixed Quota system exists. Can you go through and share your expertise knowledge on this.?

Sure. I will go through it and then respond.

Filed I-485 AOS, EAD/AP application filed on 28th Oct 2019 for myself and my two children (under 21).
My US address is in NH US, filling in the ROW category.
Any idea what service centre will process my application and what is the average time to receive the EAD/AP

Hi @jmn1012
Current i485 processing time can be seen here and current i485 EAD time is available here.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for the super fast reply. I am guessing I do not understand the process. Will my EAD application not go to a service centre and just be processed via the NBC. There seems to a variance in times from processing centres.
Just have a lot to organise. House, children over, again, to find work etc trying to workout a timeline.

Hi @jmn1012

You will get a separate receipt number for each application. The receipt number code (first 3 letters) will tell you the name of the USCIS service center which is processing your case.

USCIS processes different type of applications at different centers. They decide which application goes where.

Great. Thanks so much for the prompt replies.

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