I485 approved, no cards received, need to travel

Hi all,

We are traveling to India next Saturday (Sept 3). We were initially planning to travel and come back on AP.

On 25th Aug, got the alert that mine and spouses’ I485 was approved :smiley:

I got an update my card is proeuced and mailed. However wife’s case is still “approved”.

If we do not receive the GC cards before we leave, what options do I have?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance

You can get the card mailed to India as and when you receive it in US and then use it.

Or you can use AP and tell them the situation that card was approved but you had to travel urgently.

Or your wife can wait until she gets her card and the travel (recommended).

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O great! I can have it mailed. My brother can arrange the same. Any recommendations on seervices to mail it safely to India from here?

The travel plans are set. So we are unable to change it and wait for cards to show up.