I485 - Birth Certificate - Name issue


We are preparing the documents required for filing i485. In the process we discovered there are some name variations (not sure if they will be an issue).

Passport name: Sunil Pandey (Full name)
Birth certificate name: P. Sunil (Father’s name as initial)
Father’s name in
my passport: Pandey (with no initial or last name)
Father’s name in
my birth certificate: A. Pandey (with initial)
Mother’s name in
my passport: Teera (with no initial or last name)
Mother’s name in
my birth certificate: P. Teera (with initial)

  1. Will this actually cause issue? As this is common in Indian birth certificates.
  2. If this is an issue, what are the alternatives?
  3. In case of affidavits, should we refrain submitting the birth certificate and only submit the affidavits?

Thank you very much for the help.