I485 International Travel / Medicals


I need to file i 485 in April 2022, however i have an international travel to India in Mid-April. Is it ok to travel while I-485 is pending ? should i only file I485 and file I-131 later once am back from India ? Can we submit medicals also later or they must be submitted now only along with I485 ?


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It is okay to travel while I-485 is being processed however if you are also filing AP/I-131, your AP will be denied if you travel while it is still in process. Make sure you maintain your non-immigrant status and have a valid visa to enter back to the US if not using AP.

Ideally you should submit medical with I-485 especially if your PD is current in the final action chart.

thanks for the details Kalpesh.
My plan is file I485 with medicals, and after coming back from travel file for AP/I-131.
My priority date is Sept/2014, am confused on whether to submit medicals with I485 or wait till RFE for the same, as medicals are valid only for 2 years and not sure whether final action dates would reach Sept/2014 in next 2 years or not.
Any suggestions ?


This is up to you to decide. My guess is the final action chart should match the date for filing by September of this year.

thanks for the details Kalpesh.