I94 Extension for H4 (without separate I797, but valid stamping) due to PP renewal

Hello Friends,
My wife has her H4 VISA stamped and it is valid until 03/2024 based on my previous I-797 (I-94 was issued to match PP expiration, she didn’t have a I-797 separately). I have changed my employer a few months ago and not yet filed her H4 extension as she has a valid VISA until March-2024. Now that she renewed her passport here in USA, would like to get her I94 extended to match VISA expiration. Can y’all please suggest if we can go to Laredo, TX land border with following to get this done

  1. Primary applicants old and new H1B I-797s
  2. Old PP with valid H4 stamping + her current I-94 + new PP
  3. Address Proofs

My only doubts are,

  1. Is Laredo, TX doing I94 extensions for H4?
  2. As she do not have a I-797 for herself, will my I-797s and her valid VISA stamping be considered for extending her I-94?
  3. Is there a way to contact this CBP Office at Laredo, TX to get this information reviewed before going there?

Best Regards!

Yes, make sure you go before her I-94 expiry.

You may call or email.

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Thanks a lot bro. Will try to go next week.

Hi Bro,
This office hours show only weekdays 8am-5pm, but page says 24/7 it is open. Will try to call them tomorrow, but in case if you or someone already know.

The CBP office is open only for specific times but the border is open. There will be an officer at the border to stamp your i94.

Sometimes, they close border too (check the CBP website for specific times on the day you visit).

Thank you bro, I had called the CBP office today and they told border is open 24/7. However, they asked me to use USCIS extension process to save cost rather than travel. I live in Dallas, TX, guess it is best for me to go in-person there and try before the current I94 expires.