I94 not updated overstatyed and return to India

I applied for H1-B renewal June-2014. Before My approval I travelled to India for a personal emergency.
I got my Visa stamped with Old I-797 which has a validity till August 2014.
My H1-B approved after 15 days returning from India. After I returned I have not update my lawyer regarding my travel. So My I-797 came with old i-94 with expiry date July 2017.
I retuned to India for good in August 2016.
But I have not realized till very recently that I overstayed in USA as my I-94 when I entered USA have a validity till August 2014.

As My date is current I wanted come back to USA. While looking at my documents I realized that I overstayed.
Wil there be a problem If I return to USA. If yes, what is the solution.

If your H1B was approved after coming back to the US, then you would have got the new i94 too.

Check with your attorney and they might have this new i94 as it is attached to the H1B approval.

My previous I-94 was the printed. So My approved i-797 has the i-94 number as in Printed one. When I reentered USA the Printed I-94 concept was gone, It was only digital. that’s how I missed this whole.