I944 for derivatives - i485 filing

Hi Anil,
USCIS has made this mandatory to provide I-944 form to establish self sufficient of AOS candidates.

As a primary, I am sure I have credentials and documents to confirm my self sufficiency.

What about derivatives? As my derivatives are financially dependent on me, will they file I944, or should I provide I864 (or similar) form for them?

Or if they have to file I944, basically it will be duplication of my financial and health insurance documents where my derivatives are mentioned as beneficiary or dependents.

Seeking advice.


You have to file form i-864 affidavit of support for your dependents.

Hello. My spouse is applying for aos and i am a derivative on the application.
1 . I am on H4 ead and working. Do i have to file a i944 too?His i944 has my data too.
2. Is the filing fee per applicant? As in the package will have 2 checks of 1225$ each for both of us??

Hope you submitted you documents.
My understanding is you need to submit another i944 and documents too even though you can show similar assets where you are jointly owners.