ICT Security 262112 with 90 points - Should I assess my degree on Pro-Rata occupation instead?

Hey guys, so I submitted my EOI under 262112 - ICT Security Specialist with 90 points
(with the new update) under subclass 189, My last date of effect was 05-Nov-2019. The current visa that I’m on expires on 4th May 2020.

Since security is under non-pro rata occupation list, I was wondering if it’s worth to assess my degree on something under pro-rata occupation such as network or sth similar? (my last submission for system Admin was deemed unsuitable stating insufficient documentation).

Thanks in advance

Non pro rata is better than pro rata always as it has more chances of invite.

Oh sick bikkies :metal:t2:
Thanks a heaps mate… Think I’d rather wait then :slight_smile:

Hi did you receive an invitation??

Yes I did… like 2 months ago

Congrats on that. Hope you achieve your desired career.