ICT Security Specialist 262112


I have applied ICT Security Specialist with 65 points independent in March 29,2019 and 70 Points for 190 Subclass. Recently, my wife has done the assessment in network engineer and appeared the English score and my latest points are 75 Points for 189 and 80 Points for 190 Sub Class. Date of effect is Feb 10th 2020. Please let me know what are the chances to get the invite. My Assessment will expire in March 2021.

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Use the points calculator given here. It shows the chance of invite too:

Hi Anil,

My question was, what are the chances to get the invite.

Anwer Ali

Did you even care to see it? The app shows the ‘chance of invite’.

You have to help yourself. It is not possible to give out ‘chance of invite’ for each case individually.

Hello Anil,

Nothing was coming up so I wrote an email to you.