I'm a US citizen and I need to file I-130 for my brother. my bother has family of 5. what are the documents that I need to submit?

I need to apply I-130 for my brother and I’m a US citizen. My brother is married and he has a family of 5. in I-130 for sibling category they are asking to submit the Birth Certificates as well.
I’m not quit sure do I need to submit the BC of my self and my brother’s? OR Do I need to submit the BC’s of all the family members of my brother? along with the other documents. please advice me.

Birth certificate of all the members for whom i130 is being filled.

Anil thanks for your prompt response.

That means I need to add my Brothers wife’s BC as well as the his children’s BC’s am I correct?. I thought they check only My BC and my Brothers BC.

Also may I know how long it would take us to get the Green card in this category?