Impact on approved I140 after ex exmployer gets acquired by another company

Hi Friends, i am currently on H-1B for >6 years and i currently hold I140 with priority date of year 2019, which was initiated by company X while i worked for them , and last year (i.e year 2022), i moved from company X to company Z who used this approved i140 to get me an extension on H1B, However after i moved to employer Z, few months later company X was acquired by company Y, ,its important to note that the post acquisition the company X will continue to work in its domain, it just has the new owner Y and shares its name with the new owner i.e YX, now i have the following questions:

  1. Does this acquisition has any impact on my existing priority date.
  2. since my new employer , company Z used the existing i140 (from employer X while it existed as an independent entity), to get me an extension , and now that it has been acquired by company Y, will the next extension cause any problems because company X does not exist as described on my iI40.



You can keep using your approved I-140 for AC21 extensions irrespective of whether the I-140 sponsoring company exits with a different name or cease to exist.