Incorrect END DATE on ACS Reassessment Result

I received my reassessment result today and they have put an incorrect end date for one occupation.
I was working in this job when I got my previous assessment, but I could not update the end date on the portal. However, I highlighted this in my supporting documents and even sent an email to ACS when I submitted my application. Please let me know if this correction requires me to go through the appeal/review process or can this be sorted over email? This error is costing me 5 points so I can’t ignore it. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

You should email their support and they should advise as to how this can be resolved.

If we submit an appeal, does ACS calculate the experience starting date again according to the appeal date? I submitted the reassessment application in March 2023, and ACS provided the experience starting date of March 2015 (after applying 2 year deduction). In case I submit the appeal, would they calculate the deduction from July 2013 (last ten years) and give a new starting date of July 2023 when I submit the appeal?