Incorrect priority date in I-140

Hi. My I-140 priority date is printed as Oct 27, 2014. I am 100% sure that it needs to be Oct 2013.My friend and i joined work the same day and our applications and approvals came in around same time. I have changed employer last year and my current employer just started my GC processing. What are my options now? I feel stupid for not paying attention to the year until today. Please advise.

You have to get it fixed. Ask your employer to call USCIS and get the i140 fixed.

Hi Anil. Thanks for your reply. I checked with my current employer and they say my previous employer can only get this fixed because they were the sponsor. While my previous employer is looking into this
(and being very complacent), my current employer has asked me to file FOIA request to gather info which could be used during their I-140 filing stage. Is there anything I can do at his point? Please advise. Thank you!

The I-140 receipt notice from former employer has the correct priority date. I-140 approval from former employer has incorrect date. Even the former employer acknowledged this. Thanks Anil

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Hi Vijay,

I am also in the same situation like you.

Can you please let me know what happened with your I-140? Is your previous employer corrected it with USCIS? Did your current employer take any action?

Thanks in advance!!