Incorrect validity date in H4 EAD

Hello @anil_am22, @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

My husband’s H1B got approved till July 2025. We had filed for H1B, H4 and EAD concurrently. My EAD got approved but it got approved only till July 2022 (which is the last H1B approval date) and not till July 2025.

My H4 is still pending approval. The lawyer has reached out to USICS stating this as an error on their part but I am not sure when they will reply back. We are not getting any visa stamping dates in India to renew my I94 to get the 540 days auto extension for EAD.

Just wanted to check if anyone has faced similar problems and did it get resolved by USCIS, the process, timeline, etc.


You can visit Mexico or Canada border to extend your I-94 based on new EOS for H1B. Once H4 I-94 is extended, you will need to reapply for H4 EAD before it expires using the extended H4 I-94 and you will get 540 days auto extension.

Thank you Kalpesh! That is our back up plan, but is there any hope with the service request raised for USICS to correct this, as lawyer filed it correctly, but they somehow approved the EAD before H4 and that too with wrong dates.

USCIS is too slow in handling this kind of corrections.