India EB2 priority date Dec 2012 - Medical RFE response sent on Aug 31, but no update yet

EB2 India employment based GreenCard priority date is Dec 2012. In recent October 2022 bulletin, final action dates for EB2 have retrogressed to Apr 2012. I have received my EAD and received RFE requesting medicals ( I-693) for I-485. I had responded to my RFE(medicals) by Aug 31 as my RFE response with medicals was delivered to USCIS on Aug 31(My final action date was current and USCIS had not exhausted GCs by that time). On Sep 6th, USCIS announced that they have exhausted 2022 quota of Greencards.

Below is a text excerpt from USCIS website " If you have received a transfer notice, your underlying petition is approved, a visa is available to you, and you know that your previously filed Form I-485 does not have a valid Form I-693, obtaining a valid Form I-693 in the meantime may allow you to respond more quickly when we send the request to you." ------ Does this mean that I can still get GC and will not be affected by the lack of remaining quota for 2022 or date regression as I was issued RFE for I-485 when my date was current and I was able to send RFE response to USCIS within the time when my FAD was current-- ?

Not sure how they will respond to it. It seems that they are indeed approving applications now also.

So, nobody knows why they said that the quota got over for this year. They may have assigned a number to the application and may just be approving it now.

You may get lucky if you get approval by Sep 30.

Pd 2013 interfiled case, Same situation i got medical rfe on sep 3, received the letter on sep 8 in mail due to long weekend, responded on same day as package was ready with and we were waiting for it. Unfortunate news came on Sep 6 and 7 , still i see many cases are being approved , do not what are those ? Is there anything can be done - calling support or service request to check whats going, status says RFE received , USCIS has begum to work again.

Any hope ? any suggestion?

There is a good chance that you may get the approval. I am hearing lot of cases which got approval after they submitted RFE response.