India - H1b and H4 Stamping

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looking for your guidance on below questions :

  1. This is regarding stamping in India. Even if I am dropbox eligible, can I go for consulate Interview as dropbox dates are not available. (By answering one of question incorrect). can this create a problem?

  2. Can we change receipt number (Petition number) after paying fees and scheduling an appointment? If not can we submit new I797 to dropbox / interview though old receipt is entered in the form.

  3. If we file 2 DS-160 form for H1b and H4 and pay for both. Then add H4 as dependent under H1b to get single interview slot. Is it possible to change this later and book separate appointments for H1b and H4? Also, Is it possible if H1b cancels appointment, however we want to keep H4’s appointment date as booked before or future date.

  4. Can H1b holder travel outside of USA if PERM is in pending status.

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Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi / @anil_am22 ,

please help me with above questions. It will be very helpful.

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I advice against doing this just to get an appointment.

I am guessing you are asking if you can update DS-160 after it is submitted and you get extension of status approved. The answer is yes.

If you are planning on doing H1B & H4 togather, you must add dependents on the same DS-160 as primary H1B. If you are not sure, just file separate DS-160 for H1B & H4 and take two separate appointments so one can be cancelled if need be.

Yes, no issues.

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