Indian Embassy PCC Process (in USA for NRI)

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You can get an Indian police clearance certificate when you are staying in the USA, UK, Canada, or any other country from the Indian Embassy. Indian Embassy can issue PCC only if you are an NRI living outside India with address proof.If you are living in India, then the process is different and you need…

We are applying for PCC from Consulate General of India, Atlanta.

For the purpose we need to send notarised copy of our VISA page on passport and I-94.

Our Visa stamp affixed on the passport have expired, but we do have a valid I-797. Should we send that instead of the VISA page?

Also could someone give us the information of how and where can we notarise these I-94 and I-797 documents?
Thank you!


I recently submitted my docs to cgisf and it’s almost been a month that the package got delivered for Issuance of PCC. I don’t see any update nor when i try to reach them they never pick the call.
Everytime i just hear an automated message nothing apart from that.

Could anyone please let me know how can we contact them. I live in Arizona & i’m currently not able to travel to sfo to enquire.

It would be helpful if someone can guide me on how to approach them.

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Who has the possession of the passport if you apply for PCC in person? I want to apply through mail but no receipt idea scares me as the passport will be held by the houston consulate.

Hi @Shauroseni
Valid i797 is perfectly fine.
Sorry for late response. This was missed somehow.

Hi @Rajani
SFO Indian embassy has unusually long processing time. I don’t know why.

Sorry for late response. This was missed somehow.

Hi @vivekcheekoti

If you apply in person, they will return the passport to you then and there after verification.

There is no need to be scared. You can send the passport by mail to Houston Indian embassy. That’s normal.

My passport was issued by SF consulate this April and I applied for PCC yesterday at the same consulate.

There is no same day turnaround for this request considering that passport is issued from the same consulate. Please remove this part from the article.

I still have to wait a month to receive PCC. Hopefully there are no delays on their part. I need this for Canada immigration and have a deadline of 30 days, I have asked for extension but haven’t heard back yet.

There is no expedited process for this request. Does any body has experience where it took more than a month to receive PCC? please share.

Hi Anil,
Thank you. The website says it may take up to 6-8 weeks if the passport is issued in India. Are the processing times generally takes this long?

Hi @Divya
The extra time is taken only by SFO Indian embassy. All others issue within 1-2 days if the passport has been issued by Indian embassy in USA.

You can ask for extra time from Canadian ITA. I had answered a similar question for someone who was having same issue with Indian embassy in UK.

Hi @vivekcheekoti

It depends on who issued the passport and which Indian embassy you are applying to.


I currently have two options for getting Indian PCC:

  1. Getting from SF Indian Consulate
  2. Asking my parents to get the PCC from India and then send that to me.

I wanted to see if there is any issue with the second option. As per the CIC page.

If you live outside of India:
You can apply at your nearest Indian embassy or consulate.

Does this means that I can only apply from the nearest Indian Consulate OR are they just giving us an option to get this from either the consulate or India?

Hi @kavya

You need to apply for PCC in Indian embassy since you are living in USA now.

If you apply from India, your request will be rejected as they need original passport and your physical presence in India to issue you PCC. You need to visit Regional passport office in person.

Thanks for quick response. I also need to confirm if it is possible to get PCC if ask my parents to do it on my behalf?
Do we get PCC from Regional Passport office only and not from local police station?
Also, do they need original passport itself even if my parents provide them its photocopy?

Hi @kavya
I think I have clearly answered your question in my earlier response. You need PCC from RPO office and not local police station.

Rest is your choice if you want to try. Call RPO office and you can ask them.

I currently have Indian PCC for Canada, Can i provide same for Australia OR i need to get one for Australia.

HI @anil_chowdary

You can use the same Indian PCC for Australia if PCC was issued in last 12 months.

Hi anil any idea how long it take to get pcc in sf if your passport issued in sf its been 20 days i have been sent my package no reply since then

Hi diviya i want to check if you get the pcc or still pending i am in a same boat its been 20 days i have sent my package

Hi @Narinder_Khangura

It is taking an average of 30+ days from SFO to get PCC.