Hi, I applied for a fresh passport for my son (minor). Its been 16 days - status shows under-process at RPO and trying to download acknowledgement slip prints out ‘EXIT SLIP IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS FILE.’ does anyone have similar experience? I have tried asking at local police office to check - and they haven’t received any inquiry so far. any pointers will be much appreciated. Thank you.

I don’t understand as to what are you trying to print here?

I am just trying to see the status on the application - at-least the acknowledgement slip shows some more status rather then just seeing ‘application under review…’. and trying to call at helpdesk isn’t helpful either - always busy.

Have you tried dropping an email for the same? You can send an email if unable to get in touch with the help-desk. They are quite responsive on emails.

Also, did you not opt for SMS services on your Application? One should always opt for it as it gives you timely updates on the progress of your passport application.
Usually the police verification happens within 2-3 weeks of submitting your application at PSK (for non tatkaal applications).

Thank you @negi . I sent an email to RPO office few weeks back - will try sending to the ones you mentioned. I didn’t opted for SMS service because the local POPSK didn’t had that option for us to sign-up[pay cash Rs50]. We have already contacted our local police station few times and they haven’t received any inquiry yet - thats why I am anxious. Online status shows ‘…under review…’ - no idea where the application is. I will try visiting Passport office - and since I live pretty remote so it will be a day along trip to visit PSK - but nevertheless seems like the last option. Thank you for your help.

Ohh I wasnt aware. I thought all PSKs in India have that facility. Drop an email on all the email addresses in that link and maybe someone will reply on the passport status. Otherwise you will have to take the last option of visiting the PSK. Wish you luck!

Hi @Deepak_Chaudhary,

I am in same boat like you. I have applied passport for my minor son 2 weeks back. I got acknowledgement slip on that day to my email. I am able to download acknowledgement letter till couple of days back from website. Now while trying to download from website it is showing ‘EXIT SLIP IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS FILE.’ While checking status it shows ‘application under review…’

Any pointers from your side? Is your issue resolved? Please let me know

Hi @Viswa_B - mostly you will need to visit to local passport office to find out the exact issue - from my experience they possibly need some additional documents or clarification. In my case they needed some clarification on brith certificate. Once it was provided, they pushed application to ‘Police Verification’.

Thanks @Deepak_Chaudhary for the quick reply. Should I take my kid along with me or can I go alone and visit?

It should be ok if you just go by yourself without kid - I am not sure if it varies from place-to-place, in my case my son wasn’t with me.

Thanks @Deepak_Chaudhary