Indian Minor Passport Renewal In USA

Hi, I will be renewing my minor son’s (13 years old, born in India) passport in the USA.

I have the following question on the application form.

  1. The printed application form has 3 pages where as the check list mentions about page 4, am I missing anything here.

  2. Do parents need to sign under the minor’s signature under the last page? (This is confusing since my son is 13 year old or is this only valid for minor’s below 5 years old)

  3. My son has one expired passport and an existing pass that is about to expire, do I need to submit both these passports and copies or just the latest passport and its copies?

The below is the text from the checklist.

All Minor applicants need to write their name or sign in the space provided on the first page of the application form below the photograph. Minor applicant below 5 years may put left thumb impression on the space provided. Both parents should sign on the last page of the application. Both parents must sign on page 4 of the online application form below the minor’s signature/thumb Impression.

Thanks in advance.

@anilkumar8 I applied for my daughter’s passport a few days back and got an email that I missed the parent’s signature on the last page.

  1. Not sure about this but I printed out 3 pages.
  2. Online Passport Application Form: Either PARENT’s signature is missing on the last page of the passport application of the minor. At least one parent’s signature is necessary.
  3. Send only the passport that expires soon.

Also, make sure to self-attest on parent’s passport pages.

Thank you for the answers.

Both parents’ signatures required as mentioned in the text.