Indian Passport - No surname and given name more than 33 char

I am trying to fill DS 160 for my dad for visitor US visa. I have these 2 issues:

  1. Given Name is 34 char but DS 160 can only accommodate 33 char.
  2. No surname in indian passport. As per instruction , I need to put given name in surname in this case. Is that correct? If so, point 1 is where I get struck that given name does’nt fit the box.

What are my options here? Do I need to get my dad’s passport re issued with surname( it seems some newspaper advertisement needs to be given in order to do so). Please suggest.

You can enter the Given Name as listed in the passport and not worry about the last alphabet being not included due to DS-160 character limitation. This is absolutely fine as the CO will look at the passport for identification purpose.

If there is no surname in the passport, you will leave it blank in the DS-160. It doesn’t say to enter your given name in the surname if no surname, right?

For example wife may have two surnames after marriage (Fernandez Garcia) , and the instruction in the DS-160 says to enter all surnames listed in the passport but if it is only one surname, list that.


Thank you for a detailed explanation. For the 2nd question I misread the instruction. Your example clarified it now.

Hi Kaplesh,

A follow up on surname not available question. I am thinking to put LNU where ever my dad’s surname is asked in DS 160. Including my Mom’s DS 160 where I need to provide spouse Name and details.

Is this a correct approach. No issues giving LNU? Please let me know.

Thank you!

This should be okay.


I am in the process of paying the fee , I had to create a profile for my dad on

There is a confusion in my case:

a. DS 160 - Given Name is 33 char and dad last name is entered as LNU. Actual given name in passport is 34 char.
b. On cgifederal - Given Name has no char limit. Can I enter the given and last name as per DS 160 or should I use passport ?

Now I am not sure what should I put in when paying the fees. There is below message that shows up:

Enter your name as it appears in your passport (enter your first and middle names, if applicable and translated in English, as shown in your passport in the “First name” field). If you have filled out a DS-160 or DS-260, use the same values as entered there.

apprreciate your help.