Indian passport police verification

Hi i am applying for renewal of india passport but there is no change of address or anything! Applying due to passport due to expire , will there be police verification for this case as well? There is no one at my home in india so not sure what will be the process!

It may or may not happen. Varied experiences have been shared by people on the forum. If you know someone in the same city who is ready to help, s/he may be able to represent you there.

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Okay thank you! Yes i hv few relatives and neighbors who know us very well so may be they will help ! Thanks !

Hi Pankaj,

I have mailed them the application form but wanted to confirm if we need to notarize the VISA page copy or the B2 visa stamp page? Any idea?

That’s her status, right? Then yes, ideally, you should have notarized B2 Visa page (though you might have the visa in same passport). Some are very particular about the checklist.

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Yes , i did notarize the page where she has the stamp for B2 visa for 6 months! But i did not notarize the visa page !

Hi Pankaj,

Do you know how much time does it take to get the passport back in normal process? ( not tatkal)

Hello - It varies from one Consulate to the other. People on this forum have shared varied experiences ranging from 2 weeks to over 2 months.

Police verification may add time due to current situation in India. You can go through the experiences shared by the forum members.

Okay thnk you! Do you know if we can travel to other state in USA if the passport is in renewal ? She just has passport and other documents are all Indian documents.

For travelling by flight one needs to have acceptable ID like passport. Documents like PAN, Aadhar, etc. won’t work here.

My Normal Passport renewal application reached VFS NY on March 13 , As of now my status shows Passport printed. Maybe by next week I should get. 2.5 months

I have recently done by passport renewal so can share my exp. which city? You can call me at 2148628040

Hi pankaj,

I got a call from VFS stating that as my mother has not filed B2 visa extension yet , they will only renew thr passport for one yr and send. Her I94 expires in oct, shud i again file for passport renewal after filing extension? They said if i had extension filed , they would hv renewed the passport for 5 yrs not one yr.