Indian passport reissuance from USA , parents name incorrect

Hi All,
I forgot to mention my parents middle name in the govt form and got a response from VFS that my application is rejected due to ineligibility and requesting for documents like ( indian govt id + name change affidvait + newspapers ad + parent’s consent for name change ) .
It was a genuine mistake and there is no change in their names officially .
I would like to correct my mistake by filling up new govt form and sending it , my question is

  1. Do I need to recreate an application from scratch and pay the fee ( I had applied for tatkal because of tight deadline) passport expiring in one month .
  2. according to the email , I will get my original documents after 20 days for the first application,
    I would need my original passport to send with new applications , I cant wait this long , Is there a way possible to request to send back the documents back asap …
  3. Is there a way to let them know I made a mistake and there is no change in the names and how to affiliate the new application with old one ?