Indian Passport Renewal for Minor in USA


I will be renewing the minor passport (4.5 years old) in the USA via VFS. I have gone through the process and requirements. I have some minor doubts as below. It would be great if you can provide clarification.

  1. Copy the passports of both parents: Are the first and last 2 Pages copy for each parent is sufficient?

  2. Birth Certificate language: The birth certificate for my son is in Hindi. I have used the same certificate when we apply for his passport for the first time in India. Is there an issue with the language?

  3. For various annexures, do both parents need to sign below the thumb expression of the minor including the change in appearance affidavit?

Appreciate all your help on this.!!!


Please go through this step by step procedure for Indian passport renewal.

It has all details.


I am working on passport renewal for my daughter(minor) and wife. I have few questions.

  1. Can i create two separate application/ARN number using one login account? Or i need to create two separate login for each application.
  2. My daughter’s passport expires before my wife’s passport . Will VFS/Indian embassy be Ok with my wife’s existing passport copies to be used as a required document for my daughter’s passport renewal even if my wife’s passport is valid only for next 3 months?
  3. Or i need to renew my wife’s passport first and then use her renewed passport for my daughter’s passport renewal?
  4. Or both the passports can be renewed at the same time?

Please suggest.


Yes, you can create two ARNs from same account on Govt. Website.

You can renew your daughter’s passport before your wife’s; or, even together.


Thanks Pankaj. Follow up question.

“Place of Birth” - In the event of city renamed which one we should be mentioning as place of birth in the passport application. I believe it should be as per the birth certificate even if the city/town/village has been renamed to something.

e.g. “Allahabad” has been changed to “Prayagraj”
Birth certificate and old passport has “Allahabad” as place of Birth
New passport application should have “Allahabad” as place of Birth instead of “Prayagraj” .


I am inclined to use the name as certified in the document. This is very subjective, though.

If you want to be completely sure, I would suggest reaching out to VFS over email or Twitter (@VFSGlobalCare) to get a written confirmation.